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Jiunai explains the wear resistance factors of polyurethane encapsulation

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The wear resistance of polyurethane encapsulation is the criterion for judging quality. What are the wear resistance factors of polyurethane encapsulation? I think everyone wants to know, as follows:


The material of rubber is an important factor to ensure whether the polyurethane encapsulation is abrasion-resistant. The performance parameters of rubber affect the quality of the encapsulation. Therefore, it is necessary to select the rubber varieties that meet the industrial and mining conditions. The main encapsulation on the market is divided into imported rubber and domestic rubber glue,

For general industrial and mining conditions, domestic rubber is mostly used, but for harsh industrial and mining conditions, most of the imported high-wear rubber sheets are used.


During the use of the roller, it is often affected by long-term friction and centripetal force. If the selected adhesive cannot effectively bond, the roller will be degummed in advance and the system will stop.


The selected manufacturer must have good on-site analysis and construction capabilities. According to the actual situation, choose rubber sheets of different thickness, hardness and wear resistance. Failure to make a practical choice will often cause the encapsulation to wear out too quickly.

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